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We are Andu and Perju. Our passion for the sea and sailing brought us together in 2010 and since then we have been bound by a friendship that can only be formed at sea. We have launched together several sailing related projects, always born from our real experience as skippers and organizers of flotilla events, always trying to complete and innovate the market of holidays at sea.

Together with CAPETAN.club if Sail/ArmadaCAPETAN Charter project is directly addressed to those who want to spend their holidays with family or friends at sea, with a chartered yacht. We want to be the best resource for the organization of your holidays and to help you with all the information, advice and the best price offers...skipper to skipper. 🙂

Andrei Perju, Managing Partner
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Managing Partner
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First charter

It was the year I first got in touch with everything that a sailing boat means, the sea, the wind, the sailing. It was enough of a first outing to realise that this "virus" is going to linger in our lives to come.


Events, flotillas, miles under the keel

We are building in parallel two sailing initiatives, with the main action being the organisation of flotillas, real floating events. We organize charter weeks all over the Mediterranean, reaching as far away as Thailand and the Caribbean.


First training

We introduce the first week of training dedicated to charter skippers, laying the solid foundations of an intensive and extensive training program, aiming to improve in a relatively short time the participants through practice and standardization.


Capetan Skippers' Elite

We leave the sailing brands we collaborate with and come together under our own innovative concept. This is how Capetan Skippers' Elite. It is the first and only Charter Skipper Training School, to which we dedicate all our training initiatives and programs.


Sail Armada - exquisite tailored sailing events

We are setting off with a different concept, a platform dedicated to Capetan-trained skippers and all those who want to discover the sea and sailing. It is born SaiArmada , an initiative dedicated to sailing concepts, organizing established events such as WildRoute, Discover or KidSailing; concept events that help our community grow bigger and bigger.


Capetan Crew

We are starting a programme dedicated to young people. We aim to train them as competent crew and to provide them with the necessary skills specific to a charter week.


Capetan Charter

Identifying the needs of our community, we have created the fastest and most efficient tool to quickly and efficiently meet the need to rent boats anytime, anywhere in the world. Now, through capetancharter.com you have at your disposal ingredient main for your charter week; for the rest of the recipe having of course Capetan Skippers' Elite , Capetan Crew if Sail Armada

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